Year History
1946 Kyozo Sasaki, the founder of SSK, established a sporting goods shop in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto.
1975 Sasaki Industry Co., Ltd was established in Takefu, Fukui Prefecture to produce sports wear.
1977 Echo Sports Co., Ltd was established to retail SSK brand sporting goods.
1978 The Dimple-processed baseball glove was developed.
1979 Production of SSK baseball gloves began in Shanghai, China.
1980 SSK took part in International Sports Equipment Fair as member of NSGA.
1980 SSK America Inc was established in Los Angeles, USA. (Capital: 1 million dollars, 100% invested by SSK Co.)
1982 Dimple processed baseball gloves obtained a US patent.
1983 The use of dimple-processed baseball gloves was officially approved by the U.S. major leagues.
1986 SOLVES (SSK On-Line Value Ensure System)VAN, the irst on-line information distribution network in the sporting goods field, was completed.
1987 Company name was changed to SSK Corporation.
1990 SSK signed contracts as official supplier to the baseball associations and national teams of the Netherlands and Italy.
1990 Kiyoshi Kikuchi became Chairman and Kyoichi Sasaki took up his position as President.
1991 SSK signed the exclusive agreement in Japan with "Hummel" international a/s in Denmark.
1992 SSK set up the SSK Baseball Clubhouse in Barcelona during the '92 Olympic.
1993 SSK was elected one of the official sponsors from International Baseball Association (IBA)
1993 SSK signed the licensee agreement with"Fjallraven" a/s of Sweden to distribute outdoor equipments.
1993 SSK signed the contract with Sumitomo Shoji who has an official licensee agreement with MLBP to start distributing MLB goods and apparels.
1994 SSK signed a licensee agreement with Reda Sports inUSA on Baseball uniforms to allow them to produce anddistribute under SSK/REDA brand within USA.
1994 Kyoichi Sasaki, president was awarded for "CorporateExecutive of the Year"from International BAseballFederation(IBAF) for SSK's contribution to the development and progress toward Baseball worldwide.
1996 SSK established the SSK Baseball Clubhouse in Atlantaduring the '96 Olympic. SSK sponsored Italian nationalbaseball team, Nicaragua national baseball team, Dutchnational softball team. SSK was an official supplier ofumpire equipment / clothing through IBA
1996 SSK launched SSK Homepage -"Web League" on theInternet, and started servicing "Hot Reports"through the Internet.
1996 SSK celebrated the 50th anniversary and gave a thankyou party inviting 530 guests from all sports related quarters such as customers, makers and sports relatedassociations.
1997 SSK started production of "Hummel" brand soccerspikes. Its novel design and fitness for Japanese foot were well accepted by consumers.
1997 "Super 9" revolutionary 9-spike baseball cleat shoe was developed and obtained a good reputation from players.
1998 Computer aided Scorebook game - "the Yakyu or theBaseball"was released to meet with needs of the modern baseball manipulating the date based information.
1998 E-catalog, which includes all the pages of the sports equipment general catalog, was completed.
1998 A "Fjallraven" shop in Nagoya was opened under SSKown management.
1998 Webleague on SSK Homepage received an award of '98Nikkei Internet Award sponsored by 'Nippon Keizai Shinbun- Japan Daily Economic Journal.
1999 Super Soft Glove Series were introduced using soft tanning technology. No break in time is necessary.
1999 Pristine Sports brand were introduced, using OrganicCotton grown in Texas. Neither chemicals nor chemicalfertilizers are not used.
1999 Fjallraven"T shirts "- Panapack Shine Up T Shirt, ofwhich the smell is gone while catching the sunlight.
1999 SSK started "websports" to promote.
1999 The 1st Danish Fun Soccer Clinic was held in Osakainviting the former Danish National teams coaches.
1999 SSK launched "SSKNET"connecting SSK headquarters with shops direct on line, which helps tocheck inventory and order status on real time on the Internet.
1999 SSK developed a new type of "Insole" which can beformed with a hot dryer to fit in ones own foot
1999 SSK America Inc moved to Torrance California thanks tothe business expansion.
2000 SSK began production and distribution of the replicauniforms of all 30 MLB baseball clubs.
2000 SSK distributed CD-ROM "DEGISPO" containing1,500 items and images of baseball equipment to supportthe baseball sporting shops.
2000 SSK homepage "Webleague" was greatly upgraded.
2000 SSK will set up the SSK Club House inSydney during '00 Sydney Olympicgames. SSK is sponsors of the Italiannational baseball team, Dutch nationalbaseball team and Italian nationalsoftball team. We support players of other participating nations as well.
2001 SSK "hummel" signed the contract with "Yokohama FC" as Official Club Partner.
2001 The 3rd Danish fun Soccer Clinic was held in Tokyo and Yokohama this year.
2001 Kiyoshi Kikuch, the former chairman of SSK passed away.
2001 SSK developed and started distributing functional undershirts named "S.C.α." featuring new material of ultra lighter, sweat-asorbent and quick-drying functions.
2001 SSK promoted on an international scale its baseball equipment at "the 34th IBAF World Cup" which was held in Taipei, Taiwan.
2002 SSK established its owned baseball glove factory named "Xiamen Kyosei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd." in Xiamen, China.
2002 SSK started distributing a new hard ball baseball glove "BFJ model" and supported activities of BFJ as their officical supplier who can use their official LOGO on SSK products and equipment.
2002 SSK TV commercial film was voted as "the Best Advertiser 2001" by the research of the most favorable CM image conducted by the CM DATABANK, which is given to the company, who developed the most effective commercial films.
2002 SSK started distributing "E-Promotion" service to the shops through the Internet introducing various brands' latest products information such as products, bargain sales and products campaigns and so on.
2002 SSK held the baseball schools titled "Proffesional Baseball Players Tricks" for the "sandlot baseball lovers" both at Osaka Dome Stadium and Seibu Dome Stadium.
2003 SSK started disbributing an Internet website titled "Ko Re Ka Ra Ki Re Ka Ra" managed by only female staff to provide various useful information targeting women employees in the age of 25 to 30.
2003 The total shoe fitting system "PanaFit" was developed after years of research and unique 3-D analysis of players' foot. Wefinally succeeded to make the best fitting last for Japanese foot which generate a maximize performance of players footwork in the play.
2004 Signed the distribution and licensee agreement with Majestic Athletic Company for Japanese market. Majestic headquartered in the US is the official uniform supplier to all Major League Baseball clubs.
2004 Signed the distribution agreement with New Era Cap Company Co. for Japanese market. New Era headquartered in the US is the official supplier of Major League Baseball Cap.
2004 Continued to be the official supplier of umpire equipment / clothing through IBAF for the Athens Olympics. SSK provided uniform and equipment to the Italian and Greek National Baseball Teams and theItalian Women's National Softball Team as official sponsors. The Baseball Club House was set up providing valuable services to baseball officials, managers, coaches, players and the media. The SSK-IBAF Luncheon was held in the Parthenon area.