SSK is now operating in our seventh decade of business. We have dedicated our efforts to establishing SSK as one of the world's leading brands of baseball equipment, and more recently we have added the Hummel soccer brand. Together these two categories form the base of our branding focus.

Through over 60 years of corporate life, SSK has been known as one of the most dependable wholesalers in Japan. A sales network supplying 3,300 accounts with products representing 450 vendors has been established. Our key words of commitment from all of us at SSK are health, joy, and communication. Not just athletic products but lifestyle products. Communication that's not just domestic, but global in reach. A vision that encompasses both product sales and intangible services.

Our unwavering goal at SSK is to bring true value to sports loving people around the world, delivering products and services that will help them lead healthier, more joyful and more fulfilling lives.


Kyoichi Sasaki, President SSK

Company name SSK Corporation
Head Office No 1-2-19 Uehonmachi Nishi
Chuo-ku Osaka, Japan
Tel. +81-06-6768-1111
Fax. +81-06-6768-1077
Established November 1, 1946
Net Asset 16,280 million
Sales 47,258 million
Business Activities Manufacturer, wholesaler,
exporter and importer of sporting goods
Employees 551
Offices 9 including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka
Distribution Centers 4 including Saitama,Osaka,Higashi-Osaka
Factories Xiamen Kyosei Sporting Goods Co. Ltd (Baseball Glove Manufacturer)
(As of 10/03/2014)
Kyoichi Sasaki, President SSK

Osaka Head Office

Net sales by fiscal year
Year Billion Yen
2005 54.1
2006 54.9
2007 52.6
2008 51.7
2009 49.4
2010 44.2
2011 44.9
2012 47.0
2013 45.7
2014 47.2
Net earnings by fiscal year
Year Million Yen
2005 1,357
2006 1,540
2007 1,180
2008 698
2009 158
2010 117
2011 59
2012 235
2013 339
2014 267

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