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Wed, 23 Jul 2008

SSK Announces New Uniform for Netherlands National Team for the Summer Games in Beijing.

SSK was appointed the official supplier of the Netherlands National Team back in January 1, 2007. Since then, SSK has supplied the Dutch National Team with uniforms for international play, together with other SSK performance apparel items. A new uniform for the Beijing Summer Games medal competition was announced today in Osaka, Japan.

The uniform shirt is made in Japan from a high-tech polyester knit fabric, an ultimate moisture management material called gTriple Dryh. It absorbs sweat from the skin and then evaporates it outside quickly so players stay comfortable during competitive play. The uniform pants are also made from heavy-duty, pro weight, polyester double knit fabric treated with a special finish, gMiracle Washh, to help keep the pants dirt and static free.

The chest mark gNEDERLANDh (the Dutch name for The Netherlands) is embroidered in orange, the Dutch national color. A BLOCK font is used signifying strength. The Dutch home uniform is white and the road uniform is gray, both with the same simple design with black inserts on the arms and along the upper shirt sides for maximum comfort and performance.

Our best wishes go to manager, Robert Eehoorn, and his players along with our hopes that they win a medal this summer and bring pride and excitement to the Dutch people.

SSK is currently supplying official uniforms to many other national teams including Russia, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia. Our sponsorship program began in 1984, when SSK provided ball gloves to Dominican Republic players for the LA Summer Games.

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