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Mon, 23 Jun 2008

Jose Lopezc Hitting in Style with His SSK Batting Gloves

Lopez signed a fielding glove endorsement contract with SSK right after he made his Major League debut at the tender age of 20. Since then, he has being using a Navy / Teal SSK ball glove to match his Seattle uniform. Jose prefers a g One Piece webh with a traditional open back style.

But it took a while to convince Seattle Mariner 2nd baseman Jose Lopez to switch his batting gloves to SSK. He was not ready when SSKfs promotional manager offered to add a batting glove to his existing contract. At the time, he was under contract with another brand. But once Jose was given a pair of SSK batting gloves to test, he instantly concluded that SSK delivered a far better fitting and comfortable glove. A deal was done. A second benefit was realized. The SSK glove also proved far more durable.

Lopez wanted to have two color options for his batting gloves. One, a home game version with a white base, a navy spandex gusset and teal piping on the backside of the palm. The other (for away games), sporting a navy base with a teal gusset and gray piping. Embossed select cabretta leather is used for the palm. The pre-curved fingers and flex thumb cut is designed for superior flexibility and comfort. gJ. Lopez Jr.h, his first son, is embroidered in the adjustable elastic wrist closure for inspiration. Jose also wears SSK moisture control wristbands in navy or gray with his uniform number g4h knitted in.

The 24 -year old Lopez is having an All-Star-caliber season. This would be his second All-Star appearance since Jose was selected for the first time in 2006. He currently appears on the American League leader board with a team leading .302-batting average, an impressive 77 hits and has scored 33 runs as of June 9. He swings a SSK natural maple bat at the plate. Lopez says that he can completely focus his concentration on hitting, thanks to his new batting gloves.

The batting gloves Jose Lopez wears are only sold in the Japanese market. But, if you are interested in the same fielding glove Jose Lopez uses, contact, or phone 866-302-1716 to reach the exclusive Internet distributor for SSK custom gloves in the USA.

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