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Legal Notice

Use of the SSK BASEBALL Website

The "SSK Baseball" website (the "Website") located at comprises various websites and web pages operated by SSK and its affiliated companies.

You may access the Website provided that you agree to all the conditions and notices herein, without making any changes thereto. Your use of the Website constitutes your agreement to all said conditions and notices.

Notices Concerning Copyrights to Website Content
1. Copyright owner
Copyrights and other rights to each of the text, graphics, designs, trademarks, logos and other Content on the "SSK Baseball" website (the "Website") operated by SSK Corporation (the "Company") are owned by the Company, their original copyright holders or other holders of rights.
2. Limited license for reproduction
You may reproduce the Company's copyrighted works solely for non-commercial, personal use. With respect to works that contain the Company's copyright notice, you may reproduce them provided that you agree to include such copyright notice in the reproduced works.
3. Limitation of use
Except as specified in the preceding paragraph, you may not use any copyrighted Content of the Website, or obtain any kind of license thereto under trademark, patent, design, or any other intellectual property rights; or reproduce, adapt, publicly display or convert into transferable forms said Content for any commercial purpose. With regard to copyrighted content protected by its own separate terms of use, such terms of use supersede any other terms of use.

Notices Concerning Trademarks
Product names, section names and website names displayed on the Website are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company or its affiliated companies. The Website may display such product names or organization names for convenience of explanation, but has no will or intention to infringe on their trademark rights.
1. SSK and WEBLEAGUE are the Company's registered trademarks.
2. The Company does not include such symbols as (R) or TM to indicate registered trademarks.

Limitation of liabilities
1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use or impossibility of use of the Website.
2. The Company shall offer no warranty regarding any Content of the Website or any links to the Website.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from use of data provided on the Website.
4. The Company shall offer no warranty regarding the Content of websites linked to by the Website.
5. The Company may, without prior notice, change or terminate any aspect of the Website, including, but not limited to, data therein and the composition thereof.

Personal Information Protection Efforts
[Company system for protecting personal information]
The Company shall protect personal information by deploying staff in charge of personal-information management.
[How we collect information]
When you use the Company's services, you may be asked to provide your personal information as may be necessary. When collecting your personal information, the Company shall let you know how and for what purpose it uses said information and shall collect the appropriate extent of personal information.
[Appropriate information management]
The Company shall manage your personal information in an appropriate manner. The Company shall not disclose or provide to any third parties any of your personal information without your prior consent, except as required by special circumstances.
[How we provide personal information]
If the Company provides your personal information to its business partners - subject to your prior consent - the Company shall require such business partners, by contract, to manage such personal information in the same appropriate manner as the Company manages such personal information.
[How we use personal information]
The Company may use the information you have provided to the extent that is necessary for introducing you to its products and services, conducting questionnaires, recruiting monitors, posting announcements about events and distributing catalogues and samples. The Company may also share your personal information, to the extent shown above, with agents that you have selected.
[How to check your information]
If you wish to check or change your personal information, contact the Company through the department that directly serves you. The Company will then make reasonable efforts to respond to your request.
The Company shall work continuously to improve the way in which it treats your personal information.

Use of bulletin board systems, teams, events, facilities and shop database
The Website contains means of messaging and communication, including - but not limited to - bulletin board systems and team mailing lists, all designed to ensure communication among unspecified users or within specific groups of people. In using these means of messaging and communications, you are asked to note that the following actions (without limitation) are prohibited.
1. Slander, misuse, harassment, stalking, intimidation, violation of other people's legal rights (right to privacy, publicity rights etc.)
2. Publication, registration, uploading, distribution or propagation of inappropriate, vulgar, harmful, slanderous, intrusive, obscene, indecent topics, names, images, materials and information, including - but not limited to - child pornography and other illegal matters
3. Uploading files containing software or other materials protected by laws relating to intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights, except in cases in which you retain or control rights over said files or have obtained all necessary approvals concerning the use thereof.
4. Uploading files containing computer viruses, contaminated files, or software or programs that may undermine the operation of other people's computers.
5. Selling, ordering or advertising products and services for commercial purposes, except as otherwise permitted.
6. The Company shall have no obligation to monitor team databases or bulletin board systems, but reserves the right to check team databases or materials posted on the bulletin board systems and to delete them at its own discretion. The Company may at any time and for any reason, terminate your access to the team databases or the bulletin board systems, in whole or in part.
7. The Company may use, only within the Website, text, graphics and other data that you have posted on the team databases.
8. Team databases and bulletin board systems are provided so as to ensure communication among unspecified users or within specific groups of people. The Company shall not be liable for any troubles arising from communication among users of such team databases or bulletin board systems.

ID and password security
The Company shall not be liable for unauthorized use of your registered ID or password. If you registered with the Company any false data or someone else's data as your personal information, or if you are found to be using the Website in any other illicit way, the Company may suspend the use of your ID and password.

Links to third-party websites
The Website contains links to other websites ("Linked Websites"). Since the Linked Websites are not under the Company's control, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any Content of the Linked Websites or any changes or updates thereto. The Company provides such links solely for your convenience; providing such links does not constitute the Website's endorsement of the Linked Websites, nor does it represent the Website's connection with the operators of the Linked Websites.

Links to the Website
No link to the Website can be established without the Company's prior consent. Those wishing to establish a link to the Website are requested to contact the Company at