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Privacy Policy

Based on its understanding of the importance of personal information, SSK Corporation ("SSK") will observe relevant laws, disclose this privacy policy and adhere to it, so as to ensure the protection of personal information.

Collection of personal information
SSK may collect your personal information to the extent necessary for providing information concerning products and services, conducting questionnaire surveys, recruiting monitors, posting announcements about events and distributing catalogues and samples. In collecting your personal information, SSK shall disclose the purpose of such information-collection, and shall gather information only to the extent necessary for fulfilling said purpose, by using a lawful and fair means. Also, should SSK wish to collect your personal information from someone other than yourself, SSK shall do so only with your prior consent.

Management and protection
SSK shall take an appropriate and reasonable safety measures against such risks as unauthorized access to your personal information, loss, alteration or leakage of your personal information. Access to databases containing personal information shall be limited to authorized persons only, so as to ensure strict management and protection of your personal information.

Disclosure and correction of personal information
If you request SSK to disclose your personal information to you, SSK shall do so promptly, after confirming your identity. SSK shall also respond promptly to your request for correction of your personal information, after due investigation.

Personal information management by contractors
SSK may entrust an outside contractor to handle personal information on its behalf. In such case, SSK shall select its affiliated company or a contractor that is believed to handle personal information in an appropriate manner (the "Contractor"), make necessary arrangements with the Contractor in such forms as consignment contract with respect to matters including - but not limited to - personal information management, secrecy and the prohibition of reposting, so as to prevent leakage of your personal information, and have the Contractor carry out appropriate management of your personal information.

Use of personal information
SSK may use the personal information it has collected for the product development and marketing activities of SSK or its affiliated companies. In such case, SSK shall handle said personal information with sufficient care so as not to infringe on your rights. If you provide your personal information to SSK, SSK or the Contractor may send you, by email or other means, information in which you are believed to be interested. If you do not wish to receive such information, please give notice to that effect to SSK or the Contractor: delivery of such information will be suspended immediately.

Disclosure to third parties
SSK shall not disclose your personal information to any third party, other than the Contractor, without your consent. SSK, however, may disclose or provide your personal information without your consent if required to do so by law or by public institutions, including - but not limited to - court and police.

SSK shall review this privacy policy and improve it on a continuous basis.

If you have any question about your personal information, contact SSK at