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2000 (September)

Continued to become an official supplier of umpire equipment / clothing through IBAF(International BAseball Federation) for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. SSK provided uniform and equipment to Italian and Dutch National Baseball Teams and also Italian Women's National Softball Team as official sponsors. The Baseball Club House was set up again providing valuable services to baseball officials, managers, coaches, players and media. The SSK-IBAF Olympic Luncheon was held at the beautiful Opera House in Sydney Harbor.

2001 (August)

Signed multi-year contract becoming an official supplier to the Greek National Baseball Team.

2001 (December)

Developed revolutionary moisture control undershirts name the "S.C.Alpha" The "S.C.Alpha" featured new material that was ultra light, sweat-absorbent and quick-drying.

2001 (December)

Extensive international promotional activities took place at "The 34th IBAF World Cup Baseball Tournament" in Taipei, Taiwan.

2002 (March)

Established SSK 100% owned baseball glove factory "Xiamen Kyosei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd." in Xiamen, China.

2002 (September)

Baseball Clinics were held under the direction of SSK at Osaka Dome and Seibu Dome in Tokyo. This clinics were titled "Learn from Pro players" series. This campaign attracted lots of sandlot ball players. The book under the same title was printed also.

2003 (June)

Unique dual head capped "SUPER NEW CONDOR" Aluminum Bat was developed. This innovated bat featured the exclusive "Minimize Power Loss" due to anti-distortion configuration of the bat. This bat series obtained an immediate approval from high school players.

2003 (September)

Obtained ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System.

2003 (September)

The total shoe fitting system "PanaFit" was developed after years of research and unique 3-D analysis of players' foot. We finally succeeded to make the best fiting last for Japanese foot which generate a maximize performance of players footwork in the play.

2003 (November)

Signed exclusive licensee agreement for the USA with SKS Sports America, Inc

2004 (February)

The 17th and the 18th "SSK Baseball Conditioning Seminar" were held in Tokyo and Osaka. Together they drew a lot of coaches, trainers and players from all over Japan.

2004 (August)

Continued to be the official supplier of umpire equipment / clothing through IBAF for the Athens Olympics. SSK provided uniform and equipment to the Italian and Greek National Baseball Teams and the Italian Women's National Softball Team as official sponsors. The Baseball Club House was set up providing valuable services to baseball officials, managers, coaches, players and the media. The SSK-IBAF Luncheon was held in the Parthenon area.

2006 (March)

Developed and introduced the "Nice Hunter" aluminum alloy bat utilizing a unique "Bumpy Core". The bats indented, sheet wrapped barrel helps generate incredible "exit speeds" and "carrying distance".

2006 (April)

Installs a special baseball window display booth at the main entrance to Dodger Stadium at Tianjin University, promoting the SSK brand and its corporate image.

2006 (October)

Developed a "U Lock" laced ball glove in the name of the Originator - Sutton Series. It allows players to fold the glove with ease.

2007 (March)

Following the success of the "Nice Hunter", SSK adds two new models, one a lighter version designed for contact hitters, the other for power hitters.

2007 (March)

SSK's baseball is approved by NPB (Nipon Professional Baseball). All 12 teams use SSK balls in official games. Official SSK ball approval by governing bodies from youth to professional baseball is now complete.

2007 (August)

SSK teams up with movie "Captain", providing them with baseball equipment and uniforms. A baseball movie about junior high students dedicated to practicing hard in order to achieve their goals and dreams, the film mirrors SSK's corporate philosophy. Collaborative products, including replicate uniforms, become hot sellers.

2007 (October)

New game improving catching gear is introduced. The products include newly re-engineered chest protectors and shin guards, both designed to "maximize fit" and minimize player stress and fatigue.

2008 (March)

Taking the overwhelming success of the "Nice Hunter" bats to an ever-higher level, SSK introduces a state-of-the-art carbon graphite version, a balanced bat with a slightly top-heavy barrel. The bat is greeted with rave reviews and an instant success.

2008 (August)

SSK continued as the official supplier of umpire equipment/clothing and ball boy uniforms through the IBAF (International Baseball Federation) for the Beijing Olympics. SSK supplied uniforms and equipment to both the Baseball and Softball National Netherlands Teams. The SSK Baseball Cafe was set up in the heart of the city to serve as a congregating place for baseball loving people from around the world. The SSK-IBAF Luncheon was held on Aug 17th in the historic Chinese palace gDIAOYUTAIh (Angling Terrace) inviting officials, managers, coaches, players and the media from all over the world.

2008 (September)

SSK launched the online interactive gSSK Custom Glove Builderh on their web site where ball players can design their own gloves/mitts choosing favorite style, materials, colors etc.

2008 (October)

SSK played an important role as one of the major sponsors for the inaugural world rubber ball baseball tournament gStrong World Baseball Challenge 2008h held in Japan.

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