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Super Major League Players and SSK Equipment...
They've Worked Hand in Hand for Over 30 Years.






SSK's stable of Major League stars has included many luminaries over the seasons, including Hall of Fame right-handed pitcher Don Sutton, one of the finest defensive shortstops to ever play the game, the Detroit Tiger gem Alan Trammell, a second baseman considered by many to be one of the best second basemen in the history of the game, Roberto Alomar, and a five-time All-Star who won 254 Major League games in his 18 years in the Big Leagues, Jack Morris.

All of us at SSK wish all of our Advisory Staff Members well in the 2011 season. The SSK bullet logo stands behind everything we make. Premier products combining with maximum player effort, to produce the ultimate player performance. The Power of Performance by SSK.

The SSK Fungo Bat Story

From one in the field, to Number one on the field

SSK fungo bats were introduced in the USA back in 1985 after first receiving extensive feedback from major league coaches. Their reaction to the new SSK fungo bats was nothing short of phenomenal. They overwhelmingly favored the new longer, yet lighter SSK fungo bats. They were easier to swing than the shorter, heavier traditional stick bats they had used in the past and they loved the natural sound the fungos made when the ball popped off the bat. The coaches also found the bats allowed them to gain greater control over where they wanted to place the ball when they hit it. Finally, the coaches loved the many color variations to choose from, another advance over the singular natural finish available in other fungos at the time.

For over twenty years, the SSK fungo bats have continued to gain in popularity with coaches from little league, high school, college, minor league and all the way to the top - the major leagues. Today the SSK fungo is considered must equipment for every American baseball coach who steps on the field.

The coaches of every team in Major League Baseball, that's right all 30 teams, insist on using the SSK fungos.

Only SSK produces the longest fungos in baseball - a 37 incher to be exact. They are made of Japonica poplar, grown on an island in the northern reaches of Japan. The factory uses special equipment to compress the billet into a harder yet very flexible piece of lumber. Time consuming, painstaking efforts are utilized to produce a perfectly balanced bat. The end result is the finest fungo bat in the world, but produced in limited quantities.

SSK carries the largest color selection of fungo bats in baseball, nine different colors in all: red, black, royal, navy, dark green, orange, yellow, purple, and natural. We have recently added a 33" black fungo designed especially for infield practice.

So, that's our box score story of how SSK took a long, light piece of number 23 years ago and turned it into the number one fungo bat in baseball.