President Kyoichi Sasaki
For over 50 years, SSK has produced a large selection of quality products, while never forgetting our number one priority -service to the customer. New and trendy ideas have always been a part of our pioneering of a new age within the sports industry. Combined with the harmonious use of advanced technology and reliable quality endorsed by practical experience in baseball equipment, SSK has been dedicating ourselves to research and development, with a view toward providing this service and products to those who love sports with their heart and mind.

Seven (7) key words signify our direction and the current sports market trends: Athleticism, Beauty, Communication, Ecology, Entertainment, Intelligence, and Wellness are reflected in our products expanding on a global scale.

SSK is not only a company who produces the goods and distributes them but also offers its customers the quality service and premier products that our times require. With this in mind, the above key words are essential to the modern sports activity. Furthermore, with the combinations of the seven (7) key word elements in mind, we are aiming to create new development and expansion of the product lines in a positive manner.

SSK will spare no effort in making this positive contribution for the development of sport, with firm pride and unshaken responsibility, as a challenger who creates new and memorable sports scenes for the future.

Company Creed
1) Complete your job in good faith and wholeheartedly. This is the key to making your life happier.
2) Give your whole mind to your work. Generate a spirit that can get you through the difficulties in your life..
3) Set goals and strive to reach them. In doing so you will be motivated and your work will be complete.

SSK Management Concept
Take pride to heart that we, SSK, are a sound company working for the development of sports and for the good health of our customers while devoting ourselves to this mission. Furthermore, we will strive to build the sound development of SSK as the training place for these everyday practices. With this in mind, the customers satisfaction is first and foremost, while we work hard to maintain a happier environment for all who are involved with SSK.