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Wed, 17 Aug 2011

SSK Gloves in the White House.

All of us here at SSK are very proud to announce that we were asked to produce baseball gloves for U.S. President Barack Obama and his family. We appreciate San Francisco Giants owner Bill Neukom for giving us this opportunity. We feel like wefve become part of the Giants team.

SSKfs representative to Major League players is Rob Williams. Rob has worked closely with Giants Pablo Sandoval because he uses SSK gloves and swings SSK bats. Plus, Sandoval is an SSK advisory staff member. Rob knows Neukom through Pablo.

This is the story of how we produced President Obamafs family gloves:
On July 20th, we got a super shocking surprise from Rob. Giant owner Neukom asked us to make four gloves as a gift to President Obamafs family because the Giants, as the 2010 World Champions, theyfre going to visit the White House to meet President Obama on July 25th. We were very excited about it at first, but after a while we realized that we only had four days to produce the custom gloves.

Fortunately, we own the glove factory in China. We shut down regular production to make four gloves in one day because it would take one to two days for delivery. All SSK employees were crossing their fingers for luck. Rob received the gloves on July 22nd and hand-delivered them to Mr. Neukom.

If we had wasted any time, this wouldnft have happened. Neukom knows and trusts Rob. Rob had no doubt that SSK could handle it. The glove factory in China made a quick decision to do it. This is real teamwork in action. We knew what we had to do, and we did it. We regularly communicate each other. We trust and understand each other. This is our strength.

Once again, we thanks to Giant owner Bill Neukom for making this marvelous gift happen. Moreover, we hope that president Obama and his family would be able to enjoy playing baseball with our gloves.

In Japan, wefre still suffering from earthquake on March 11th. We strongly believe that we could show Japanese resilience to America. We thank all the people who have supported us since the tragedy.

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