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Fri, 11 Dec 2009

SSK Inks Licensee Agreements with Little League

SSK is very pleased to announce that they signed licensing agreements pertaining to balls and bats with Little League Incorporated. Little League Baseball which began in 1939 in a small town Williamsport, PA has grown to an international organization of nearly 200,000 teams in every U.S. state and around 100 countries all around the world. The Little League World Series (8 US district champions and 8 representatives from each international region participate) are nationally televised in August every year.

Little League Baseball has established strict regulations and requirements on equipment including balls and bats in order to secure safey and prevent players from getting injured.

The ball must weigh not less than 5 nor more 5.25 ounces with a circumference of not less than 9 nor more than 9.25h while the center shall be made by covering a vulcanized cork and rubber pill approximately 0.85h in diameter with a black casing to 1.20h. Beside, the leather for the cover shall be full grain alum tanned white cowhide or horsehide. The thickness of the leather shall be 0.039h approximately. The COR (coefficient of restitution) shall be 0.50-0.55 and compression 200-350 Lbs. Balls must be tested at an independent laboratory for compliancy. Only balls to meet requirements can show gLittle League RS-Th. SSKfs models of LL-10 and LL-30 were approved.

As far as non-wood bats are concerned, in 2009 Little League introduced stricter standards in light of quite a few injury incidents having been reported because of the development of aluminum and composite bats which perform extraordinarily well. The bat must be in compliance with BPF (Bat Performance Factor) requirement set by Little League. Before the bat is approved, compliance report must be submitted by an independent testing laboratory proving BPF is under 1.15. Maximum bat length shall be 33h with no larger than 2.25h in diameter. Weight shall be more than 3 ounces less than the length. Only bats which meet these requirements can show gBPF 1.15 Approved by Little League Baseballh.

SSK obtained Little League approval on two models. The gCONDORh has been very popular among competitive high school players in Japan, and now a little League version has been made. The nick name was coined with the inspiration of a big bird flying in the high sky. "RISE ARCH" was named to give a big dream to youth players who will hit rising arch shot in the sky. This model features the gTwin Core Systemh developed by SSK to prevent dispersing energy when balls are contacted. Those two models are made in Japan. Their core material is 100% 7001 aluminum (7001 is an aluminium alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with good fatigue strength) with one piece construction.

SSK products have been manufactured under Japan SG (Safety Goods) standards and marketed as Little League products for many years in their domestic market with permission from Little League Japan. But now, Little League headquarters has decided all standards shall be consistent all over the world. SSK succeeded to meet all compliance standards and requirements and was awarded approval and a licensing agreement. SSKfs Little Little products are only available in Japan.

SSK Corporation, one of the leading baseball equipment and uniform manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, will continue to strive to provide the best quality products to baseball loving people all over the globe and will support the development of international baseball.

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